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Come Small


Come Small


My Day in

7:30 The Door is Open!

I spend my time before breakfast playing with friends and supervised by Lithuanian and English speaking teachers. At Saulės Gojus, I live immersed in these languages every single day. 

8:30 My Breakfast

Sitting together with my group friends around a big table, I have a healthy breakfast that gives me energy for the whole morning. 

9:00 Free Play

After breakfast, I play in the group room and wait for my friends who will join in later. My teachers call this time “Free Play,” but for me, it just means doing what I love!

10:00 Discovering the World

Teachers surprise me every day with new things, encourage me to discover new wonders of the world, and help me to understand the daily secrets of a new language. With their help, I get to know the world as a single indivisible whole, revealed through different senses, experiences, topics, and activities. This is how I little by little reveal my strengths and talents. I know that I have them because my teachers often mention Howard Gardner, who says that everyone, even as little as me, has his own special abilities.

11:00 Apple Time!

Before we go outside, we get some fruit. Apples are our favourites because we know an old saying: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

11:15 My Outdoor Fun

Being outdoors every day is not just about growing healthy and having fun. It is another opportunity for me to get to know the world, other people, and myself better. 

12:30 My Lunch Break

After a busy time outdoors, I get hungry! I really enjoy my fresh and healthy lunch prepared in the kindergarten kitchen. 

13:15 Growing While I Sleep

I love to listen to a fairy tale in my bed before sleep. I was busy playing and learning outside and my belly is filled with tasty food, so I drowse off easily. But if I always have trouble falling asleep, I am allowed to play quietly, draw or leaf through the books in the "corner for sleepless kiddies" where one of the teachers is always with us.

15:30 My Afternoon Meal

Back from the realm of dreams, I feel a little hungry again. A warm meal straight from the kindergarten kitchen is what I need now!

16:00 Playtime Before Going Home

If my mum and dad want me home earlier, it’s time for me to be picked up, or to travel home with the shuttle bus of Saulės Gojus. Otherwise, I have some more time to play outside or in my group room, or to draw, dance, and play music with other kids and teachers.

17:50 Can't Wait to See You, Mum and Dad!

My day in kindergarten is coming to an end. A short snack will make it easier for me to wait for dinner at home. I spend these last hours in kindergarten playing quietly or listening to a book read by the teacher. Soon I will be picked up by my mum or dad.  

18:30 Coming Back Tomorrow!

I am happy to be back home, with my family. But I love going to my kindergarten, too! Can’t wait to come back tomorrow!