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Our Countryside Kindergarten

For families that appreciate a slower pace of life, the tranquility of the countryside, and the possibility for their children to play in natural surroundings, our out-of-town kindergarten is probably the most suitable place for their little ones to grow. 


Children have here plenty of space to let their imagination fly: there is a huge yard with a bicycle path and a hill, wide meadows hiding a small brook, a football field, and a shady forest offering to the kids a great space to camp each year during the Forest Project.

Our City Kindergarten


For families that live in the hustle and bustle of the city and cherish their time as the most precious resource, for those who appreciate the charm of the historic centre of Vilnius, our kindergarten located in the city centre is a great place for their children to grow.


The proximity of the Old Town, the diversity of activities, the abundance of the city's educational spaces provide inexhaustible opportunities to explore the world and to admire its wonders. The nearby Neris River, Kalnų Park and Bernardine Garden, the Gediminas‘ Tower and the Palace of the Grand Dukes are within walking distance even for the small children‘s feet!

Pre-Primary Group


The time that the child spends in a pre-primary group is the last period of his early childhood, followed by a long phase of school life.


In order to make the beginning of this new life a success, the kids work on strengthening their Lithuanian and English language skills, deepening their knowledge of letters and numbers, further developing their hand dexterity and body coordination, and discovering the subtleties of the communication with their peers: all this happens with the help of professional and caring teachers.


Our pre-primary groups, located in our city kindergarten, are characterised by the following:


  • Children are educated in accordance with the General pre-primary education programme approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania, which defines the main goals and principles of education for children aged 5 to 6/7, the competencies necessary for the child's successful learning at school, the directions and methods to be used by the educators in order to prepare a child for a successful school start. 
  • Our pre-primary curriculum is enriched with additional subjects included in the schedule of daily activities: aikido, robotics, music, art, and ceramics.
  • Since 2007 Saulės Gojus is part of the international programme “Zippy‘s Friends“ that aims at promoting children‘s mental health and helping 5-to-7-year-olds to develop skills that would allow them to overcome social and emotional difficulties and to improve their emotional well-being. “Zippy‘s Friends“ gives the teachers the possibility to improve their work-related social and socio-educational skills as well as to strengthen their ability to support and to motivate children in various situations.

Additional Educational Activities


Our preschool and pre-primary education curriculum is enriched with additional activities (included in the education fee) conducted by professionals in their field: 


  • Music, art, PE (nursery group);
  • Music, art, sports, drama in English (kindergarten group);
  • PE, music, art, robotics, drama in English (pre-primary group)

To help the children reveal their talents, even more additional activities and clubs are offered (for extra fees): karate, acrobatics, dance, football, violin, ceramics, etc. 

Special Educational Assistance


A professional speech therapist helps children with speech disorders to overcome their speech difficulties or language issues. The ST works with small groups of 3 to 4 children, supporting them in developing their language and helping them to eliminate articulation inaccuracies. 


Our social pedagogue monitors the dynamics in the kindergarten groups and provides consultations to teachers.

Practical Information




Fresh, healthy, and balanced food is prepared daily in the kitchen of Saulės Gojus. We choose the products carefully, avoiding flavour enhancers (such as E621), artificial colouring agents, or preservatives. Sweet snacks and sweetened carbonated drinks are not allowed in our school, and sugar and salt consumption is reduced to a minimum. Our children eat breakfast, lunch, second lunch, and evening snack, they nibble on fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day and drink plenty of water. The Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service have approved our special in-house menu, which includes additional meals for vegetarians, and vegans, as well as gluten and lactose-intolerant children.




Children are admitted to our kindergarten after the parents‘ meeting with the management, submission of all required documents, and signing of the education services agreement.  


For further information, please contact:
Phone: +370 677 21926, E-mail: (preschool group)
Phone: +370 688 00890, E-mail: (pre-primary group)




Monthly Education Fee

640 EUR in the preschool group (12 payments/year)* 

710 EUR in the pre-primary class (12 payments/year)* 
A 10% discount applies to the second child and a 15% discount to the third and the subsequent children of the same family, attending a lower education level in the Saulės Gojus city kindergarten / school.

Education Fee includes:

  • child‘s education and supervision on official working days 7:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. all year round (except public holidays, Christmas holidays, and teachers‘ training days)
  • early foreign language learning, based on the language immersion method (except nursery groups)
  • educational trips and excursions within Vilnius district
  • curriculum supplemented by additional subjects: robotics (only in the pre-primary class), music, art, and drama. 
  • group sessions with a speech therapist
  • educational materials 
  • child‘s accident insurance

Admission Fee: 350 EUR. It is a one-time, non-refundable fee for implementing the procedures of the child’s enrolment to the kindergarten.


Fee for Learning Materials: 200 EUR (pre-primary class)


Meal Charge: EUR 9,50/day. This charge is applied for catering services provided to the child (breakfast, lunch, second lunch, evening snack, fruit, and vegetables) and is calculated based on the number of days of the previous month of the child’s attendance. The same charge applies to meals prepared according to a special menu meant for vegetarians and children allergic to certain foods.


Fees for additional activities/clubs, which take place in the afternoon, are to be paid according to the individual agreement with the responsible teacher organising the activity.